I just got back from 3 days in Yamagata.

Here’s a photo I took from our bus.


As I took it I thought,

“Communication is always our biggest challenge.”
Can you guess why?

It had to do with what my colleague said to the bus driver just moments before.

He said, “This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The bus driver replied, “I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen a late January with this little snow. It’s usually at least twice as high.”

One winter scene. Two completely different views.

Even after hearing this my colleague said he couldn’t imagine what twice as much snow would really look like.

And the only reason I could was that I was there at the same time last year and saw what 3 meters of snow everywhere really looks like.

And that’s what reminded me how difficult it is to communicate.

I Imagined them talking on the telephone.
“Is there much snow?”
“No, not much.”

It also reminded me how much we rely on images to communicate.

And how we need all the help we can get to make communications clearer and easier.

Here’s to great tools that make communication easier!