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Safety Messaging Is Now More Important Than Ever

As we learn to live and work with Covid-19 around us, safety messaging is more important that ever. Otegaru Clean is one way to show your customers that you care about safety. Use an Avatar like video to welcome customers and give them a quick overview on the safety precautions in place at your location. 

Since each company has their own slightly different rules, one of the first questions people have in mind when they enter your premises is “What should I be doing here?” You can set their mind at ease with a  friendly greeting, and then quickly list the key safety steps that you are asking for their cooperation with. This can include a quick hand spray from the automated hand sanitizer built right into Otegaru Clean. There is nothing to touch which adds to the safety and ease of mind for your visitors.

All of your regular signage messaging can be seamlessly mixed in with your safety messaging.

Automated Non-contact Hand Sanitizer

The built-in automated hand sanitizer is non-contact. There is no need to touch anything. Just raise your hands below the sanitizer and receive a single portion of sanitizer. The 1 Liter tank can be easily refilled with standard Gel or Alcohol based sanitizer, and serves up to 1,000 people between refills.

Installing Otegaru Clean shows your visitors that you are serious about safety and looks great too. Your visitors are more likely to comply with your sanitizing request when they see that they do not have to touch a hand pump that has been touched be each person before them.

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Available in single units or bulk.