20/8/31: Otegaru net now supports SSL (HTTPS) between the Otegaru eKanban player and the Otegaru net cloud. New projects will use SSL by default. No changes to legacy deployments. Contact Vanten support to upgrade.


You can download all the latest Otegaru net documents and video links here (right click to down load file or copy link).


Otegaru net Sales Sheet: Otegaru-net-sm.pdf

Otegaru net eKanban Data Sheet: Otegaru-eKanban.pdf

Otegaru net Overview (Web PDF): Vanten-Otegaru-EN.pdf

Otegaru net Service Menu (Price List): Service-Menu-2019.pdf

Otegaru net Unlimited Channels Option: Unlimited-Channels.pdf

Otegaru net System Diagram: Otegaru-Network-E.pdf


Otegaru net: Simply Powerful: Yamagata Case Study:

Otegaru Clean resources are here (English).


Update History

  • 20/8/31: SSL (HTTPS) between eKanban and Otegaru Cloud

  • 20/7/31: Otegaru Clean

  • 20/4/20: VT FB/Instagram App

Coming Soon

New UI: A completely new UI for Otegaru net is scheduled for Beta release in Sept. ’20. It will be a staggered release available to some customers only at first. Please contact Vanten support if you would like to Beta Test the new UI.

Dev Roadmap

  • Avatar for point-to-point video

  • Touch directory for Otegaru Clean

  • Live streaming video eKanban

Connect your eKanban to your screen(s) and manage any content, anywhere, on a powerful cloud-based platform, called

The eKanban is a discrete piece of hardware that allows you to easily integrate and adjust content displayed on your screens from the platform. The eKanban can be set up on any type of screen in under 10 minutes.

After that, you are free to create your own content or adapt existing templates to upload on your screen.

Learn more about our services in our Free PDF.